Dynamic Karate and Kumite, Part 2

Book Cover: Dynamic Karate and Kumite, Part 2
Part of the Karate from Okinawa to Japan's mainland series:
ISBN: 979-8715148551

This book is a follow-up to the book "Dynamic Karate and Kumite". This time I am showing a different type of "prearranged sparring", and in my opinion more realistic combat training. I will also get even closer to the topic "blocking as an attack", which I mentioned quite briefly in the previous book. In that context, I will show basic blocks as I interpret them in grappling connections. Here you will see that both arms are active at the same time. One arm blocks while the other arm attacks. This also shows the real use of Hikite. Furthermore, I want to show you how to use Karate on the wooden dummy, this even includes a form for practicing.Finally, I will get into the "Tai Kitae" training methodologies for hardening the body.

Language: English