Kata list

Core Basic Kata

Those are our fundamental Kata in Karate; they are essential for beginners to develop their basic techniques and understanding of the art.

Core Advanced Kata

These Kata are more intricate and challenging, typically practiced by our experienced martial artists to refine and expand their skills beyond the basics.

Supplemental Advanced Kata

These are additional advanced Kata within our curriculum that complement our core advanced Kata, providing further challenges, variations, and specialized techniques for our advanced practitioners.

Shuri-te / Tomari-te

Core Advanced Kata.

Shuri-te / Tomari-te

Supplemental Advanced Kata.

  • Passai Sho (Itosu)
  • Kusanku Sho (Itosu)
  • Jitte
  • Ji’in
  • Chinti (Chintei)
  • Gojushiho Dai
  • Gojushiho Sho
  • Unsu
  • Unsu (Arakaki)



These Kata are the ones I have chosen to keep from my time in Shotokan and Shotokai. They offer a lot and are integral to my personal training.

  • Enpi (Empi)
  • Hangetsu
  • Sochin
  • Meikyo
  • Wankan


I’ve chosen to preserve these Kata from my Goju-ryu experience because they hold substantial value and are fundamental elements of my personal training routine.

Go Kenki

These are two Kata from Go Genki that I’ve learned over time. They are valuable and indispensable Kata.

  • Haffa
  • Hakkaku


Kata I once learned, but I no longer invest time in them, as my time is better spent on advanced Kata like Kusanku and others.

Taikyoku Shodan
Taikyoku Nidan
Taikyoku Sandan
Taikyoku Yondan
Taikyoku Godan