The value of Karate, part 1

Bushido - The way of the warrior
Bushido – The way of the warrior

When we speak of Karate values, we refer to traditional values such as respect, honour, integrity, loyalty, and the development of other personal qualities such as humility, maturity, a disciplined character, and inner peace. These elements together form a solid foundation that helps to build and strengthen the character of the Karate practitioner, both physically and mentally, while at the same time opening up the possibility of a positive look on the outside world.
Karate practitioners also tend to make a difference in the multi-ethnic community in which we live. In Karate people from all ethnic backgrounds can come together with a shared purpose.
Unfortunately, it is often the case that Karate’s values are overshadowed by the general perception of what Karate is. Most people know Karate from movies or cage fighting seen on TV.
In films, actors are often seen flying 10 meters through the air while making a three-double spinning kick. This is utopia and of course, cannot be done.
In cage fighting, the opponent is smashed and knocked into obscurity. With Karate, this can be done, but it does not conform to the values of Karate.


Training Karate gives good discipline! .. Or what?

Some parents believe that their child can be disciplined, and thus behave properly, by training Karate. However, this is not entirely correct. The Asian discipline was sometimes accompanied by physical punishment so that the student could behave properly. This type of training is not practised anymore, and fortunately for this. Physical punishment did not entail discipline but taught the student to adapt to the situation, sometimes with negative consequences for the student’s later adulthood.
If the student is to be disciplined, he/she must be actively involved. Discipline comes from within, it is cultivated and developed by the student himself.
The student must, with focus and determination, execute the instructor’s order, again and again, to reach the goal. The student himself must have the will and motivation. As an instructor, you can show the way, as well as allow the student to practice it, over and over again.

Discipline and Giri are closely linked.

One value that I particularly associate with Karate-Do is to create harmony between body and mind, in order to be developed mentally and physically.

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