The World of Eskrima, Arnis, and Kali. In Filipino martial arts, a trio of terms often intertwine, leading to some confusion for newcomers to these arts. These terms are Eskrima, ...

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The 36 Clans of the Min-People

The families from Min, known as the 36 families from Min (閩人三十六姓), were sent to the Ryukyu Islands (modern-day Okinawa)…

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The Bubishi – Part 1

Bubishi – The classic manual of combat. The origin of the Bubishi. China-province Henan and Fujian. The Bubishi is a classical Chinese martial arts manual that holds significant importance in ...

The use of Hikite

To unleash the full force of a punch, it’s crucial for both arms to work in harmony, a principle frequently emphasized in the Dojo. One arm (the fist) is thrust ...


In recent years, traditional weapon training, known as Kobudo, has witnessed a remarkable resurgence. It has seamlessly integrated into various martial arts schools and systems, often becoming an indispensable component ...

The word Kime

I have been digging into the use of the word “Kime”. Most Karate people know the word, and most likely the meaning of it. At least they know what their ...

Bodhidharma and martial arts

Did Bodhidharma already know martial arts? Bodhidharma I did some research about Bodhidharma’s background in martial arts. This is what I found. The origins of Bodhidharma’s martial arts background are ...

The McDojo Phenomenon

Unveiling the World of Dubious Martial Arts Studios: The McDojo Phenomenon. In the realm of martial arts, there exists a rather controversial entity known as the “McDojo.” This term has ...

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