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10 Fascinating Aspects of Okinawan Culture

Exploring the Enchanting Tapestry of Okinawan Culture. Language: Preserving Uchinaaguchi - The Unique Language of Okinawa. In Okinawa, there's a language called Uchinaaguchi which is…

OUT NOW !! – The practical applications of Passai-dai & Kusanku-dai

The practical applications of Passai-dai & Kusanku-dai
This book deals with Passai-dai and Kusanku-dai Kata. Both Kata will be reviewed systematically concerning the individual techniques, subsequently; each Kata will be shown with examples of its practical use for self-defence purposes. Contains:
  • Karate as a complete art.
  • Interpretation of Hikite.
  • When to use Hikite?
  • Generate a powerful punch.
  • How to perform Ryoken Koshi Kamae (Three methods).
  • How to practice the rotating grasping movement.
  • Passai-dai (form and bunkai).
  • Kusanku-dai (form and bunkai).

Look inside - Practical applications of Passai-dai and Kusanku-dai

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