Karate’s Depth of Wisdom

A Collection of Articles.

Karate's Depth of WisdomStep into my blog, a compilation of articles straight from its core. In this book, you’re invited to immerse yourself in the diverse realm of Karate and its related subjects, presented through a carefully curated selection of the blog’s most captivating articles.

Contains the following articles

– Kung Fu history.
– How to practice Nami-gaeshi.
– Strength training – Yes or No!
– Overextending/Overstretched.
– Take a breath.
– The Taikyoku Kata.
– The Pinan/Heian Kata.
– The Naihanchi kata.
– Rules about the Embusen.
– Evaluating the quality of Kata, part 1.
– Evaluating the quality of Kata, part 2.
– Pinan or Heian.
– Three levels of Bunkai.
– How to learn a Kata.
– Hidden techniques in Kata.
– Application of Kata techniques.
– Practice Kihon.
– The use of Hikite.
– Tsuki – The way I do it.
– Tsumasaki-geri.
– Ball- or heel turn in karate.
– Interpretation of techniques.
– My interpretation of basic techniques.
– The use of force.
– Kiai, Kake-goe and Kime – Kiai.
– Kiai, Kake-goe and Kime – Kake-goe.
– Kiai, Kake-goe and Kime – Kime.
– The word Kime.
– Bodhidharma and Martial Arts.
– New photograph of Itosu Ankō.
– Lifestyle karate.
– The invisible bond – Giri.
– Ten Precepts of Karate.
– Karate styles, take a slice.
– The value of Karate.
– Dojo Kun.
– The life and history of Bodhidharma.
– Yoshitaka Funakoshi’s Shotokan.

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