Dynamic Karate and Kumite 2

A Practical Guide for Martial Artists.

Practical applications of the Pinan Kata

This book continues the journey started in “Dynamic Karate and Kumite”. Here, you’ll explore a different form of “prearranged sparring” aimed at more realistic combat training. It delves deeper into the concept of “blocking as an attack”, providing detailed insights into basic blocks used in grappling scenarios, where both arms are active in defense and offense.

Discover the practical use of Hikite.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to apply karate techniques to a wooden dummy, complete with a practice form.

Finally, the book delves into “Tai Kitae” training methods for body conditioning and toughening.

Perfect for those seeking advanced karate knowledge.

Book Information

Language: English
Paperback: ISBN: 979-8715148551
Hardcover: ISBN: –
Kindle Edition: Yes
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