Practical applications of the Pinan Kata

A Practical Guide for Martial Artists.

Practical applications of the Pinan Kata

If you’re a martial arts enthusiast, this book is a gem. It delves into the five Pinan kata by Itosu Anko, exploring their techniques and practical self-defense applications. What sets it apart is the hands-on approach that encourages you to experiment with the techniques. The writing style is engaging and approachable, making it an excellent resource for martial artists at any level. So, if you’re keen to explore the self-defense potential of Pinan kata, this book should be on your reading list.

Furthermore; The book covers articles such as learning the kata, visualizing techniques, interpreting kata techniques, using force, and discussing hidden techniques.

In summary, this book delves into the world of the five Pinan kata developed by Itosu Anko. It offers a systematic exploration of each kata’s individual techniques, followed by practical examples demonstrating their application for self-defense purposes.

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Language: English

Paperback: ISBN: 979-8434459587
Hardcover: ISBN: 979-8812812775
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