Bodhidharma and martial arts

The question is: Did Bodhidharma already know martial arts?


I did some research about Bodhidharma’s background in martial arts. This is what I found.

The origins of Bodhidharma’s martial arts background are somewhat uncertain, and there are different accounts of his martial arts training. Some sources suggest that he was trained in Kalaripayattu, an Indian martial art that incorporates striking, grappling, and weaponry techniques. Others suggest that he was trained in martial arts during his time as a soldier or bodyguard before becoming a monk.

However, Bodhidharma is credited with being the founder of the Shaolin style of Kung Fu, which he taught to the monks at the Shaolin Temple. The Shaolin style is characterized by its focus on hand-to-hand combat techniques and incorporates elements of Chinese martial arts as well as Bodhidharma’s own spiritual and meditative practices. It is believed that Bodhidharma drew on his own martial arts background and his knowledge of Indian martial arts to create the Shaolin style.

Legend has it that Bodhidharma’s teaching of martial arts at the Shaolin Temple led to the development of many different styles of Kung Fu, as the monks who trained with him went on to develop their own techniques and styles. Today, the Shaolin style remains one of the most well-known and influential styles of Kung Fu, and its impact can be seen in the many other styles and schools of martial arts that have developed over the centuries.

“But didn’t Bodhidharma develop Kung fu from the movements of animals?”

Yes, it is often said that Bodhidharma created the Shaolin style of Kung Fu by observing and drawing inspiration from the movements of animals in nature. According to legend, Bodhidharma watched animals in the wild and noticed how they moved and fought, and he used these observations to develop a system of fighting techniques that he taught to the monks at the Shaolin Temple.

The Shaolin style incorporates many movements and techniques that are inspired by the movements of animals, such as the tiger, snake, and crane. These animal-inspired movements are meant to help practitioners develop strength, agility, flexibility, and balance, as well as to cultivate a sense of grace and fluidity in their movements.

While the exact details of how Bodhidharma developed the Shaolin style are uncertain, it is clear that the animal-inspired movements are an important part of the style and have helped to make it one of the most distinctive and influential styles of Kung Fu.

Final Comment
Bodhidharma may have had knowledge of martial arts before travelling to China. The probability that he made a mixture of his own knowledge with observations from the animal world is very likely.


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