Hidden techniques in Kata

Some teachers will tell you that there are hidden techniques in Kata. The techniques were hidden at the time when Karate entered the Okinawan school system so that injuries of a dangerous nature could be avoided. By hiding dangerous techniques, the students could gain full advantage of the healthy aspects of Karate. I have also been told that there are hidden techniques in Kata, but funnily enough, no one has ever been able to show me the so-called hidden techniques, not even one, as well as how dangerous they are supposed to be. The only logical explanation is:

There are no hidden techniques in Kata, just different interpretations.

Why should the former martial arts masters hide techniques in Kata? The answer is simple: they did not hide anything.

Since the old masters did not have a camera, CDs or USB-sticks or any other way to record and save the techniques, they created forms (Kata), why hide the use of these techniques for themselves? That does not make sense!

I think that it is a modern thing to tell the students about hidden techniques in Kata. Maybe it contributes to giving Karate a certain kind of mystery or is it just a way of keeping the students in the club, so they pay the fee?

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