The word Kime

I have been digging into the use of the word “Kime”.

Most Karate people know the word, and most likely the meaning of it. At least they know what their Sensei has told them, and this is of course right 😉

However, the definition is manifold.

The use of the word Kime in Karate can be something like the following:

  • Kime is focus.
  • Kime is the fixation at the end of a certain technique due to muscle tension.

Of course, I can’t deny the correctness of this, as Kime translates to: decide, fix, agree upon, appoint, etc.

In Short, that’s what the word means or translates to.

But, the interpretation of Kime in Karate may be quite different.

However, if you are looking for a definition of Kime in connection with Karate, please read my article Kiai, Kake-goe, and Kime.

Part 1, Kiai
Part 2, Kake-goe
Part 3, Kime

Enough about Kime in Karate! This short article should not deal with the use of the word Kime in Karate context, but the use of the word in everyday life. You will see that the word Kime is nothing special at all.



My Japanese dictionary tells me the following about Kime and Kimeru.

Kime  決め Noun, used as a suffix
1. agreement; rule

Kimeru  決める Ichidan verb, transitive verb
1. to decide, to choose, to determine, to make up one’s mind, to resolve, to set one’s heart on, to settle, to arrange, to set, to appoint, to fix
2. to clinch (a victory), to decide (the outcome of a match)
3. to persist in doing, to go through with
4. to always do, to have made a habit of(as 決めている)
5. to take for granted, to assume
6. to dress up, to dress to kill, to dress to the nines
7. to carry out successfully (a move in sports, a pose in dance, etc.), to succeed in doing
8. to immobilize with a double-arm lock (in sumo, judo, etc.)(martial arts, sumo term)
9. to eat or drink something, to take illegal drugs


Sentence results

Here are some examples of the use of the word Kime in sentences.
By the way, I found more than 280 examples of the use of the word in different contexts.

Here are four of them.

Kimeru Sentence

Nothing special at all!

Thanks for reading

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