How to learn a Kata

Learning the Kata

When learning a new Kata, the first step is to learn the pattern as well as the techniques in a superficial way.
After the pattern (Embusen), as well as the techniques, have been learnt, they need to be refined. This will take some time. Do not speed up the learning of Kata just to move on to the next, the next and the next Kata. Mastery takes time, and to get the most out of a Kata you need to go into it in depth. Once the techniques are fine-tuned, you continue to develop a rhythm as well as a steady speed on the techniques.


You know that your Kata, rhythm, speed and power are fine, and now the time for visualisation has come.
Do the Kata slowly and imagine what happens, think through the techniques, what is their purpose. Do that a couple of times. Subsequently, you can perform it in the usual way again with the speed, power and timing you want, without further thinking about the use of the techniques.
Over time, you will see that this visualisation of the techniques will shine through when performing Kata in the usual way.

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