How to practice Nami-gaeshi

Nami-gaeshi translates into “wave return”, a more understandable description is “returning wave”.

The name of the technique refers to the movement that the leg performs. The leg movement resembles an ocean wave, rolling out and back onto the shore. Nami-gaeshi is widely used in the Naihanchi series but is also found in other Katas.


Take the stance of Kiba-dachi.
Interlace your fingers with your palms facing downward as shown in the picture. Keep your back straight.

How to practice Nami-gaeshi
How to practice Nami-gaeshi

Kick alternately with your right and left foot in the palms of your hands. Try to leave the upper body in the same place, without moving the center of gravity.

How to practice Nami-gaeshi!
How to practice Nami-gaeshi!


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