Invisible bond – Giri

The invisible bond – The way of life!

In Japan, they have a concept called Giri (duty, sense of duty, honor, decency, courtesy)

Giri is an invisible thread, a bond that connects important parts of our lives. This could be the relationship between teacher and student, or the relationship between two friends, or the relationship between wife and husband, etc.
Giri is always two-way, which means that the relationship between the parties goes both ways. Giri is mutual trust, loyalty, and commitment to each other.

Trust, loyalty, and commitment are also the code for one’s further development within Karate-Do. Once you have chosen a club, and the club has chosen you, the mutual commitment will start.

You should be loyal and trust your instructor. Only when this is present, the basis for immersion within Karate will be possible. This opens the way for Karate as a sport to become a way of life. Your instructor now has the opportunity to lead you to a deeper understanding of the many aspects of Karate. You will eventually develop as a whole human being both mentally and physically.

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