Lifestyle Karate

After practicing Karate for many years, it becomes a part of one’s life. Thus, Karate is no longer a physical sports discipline, as it was at the beginning. Karate becomes a lifestyle as time goes by. It’s like a drug! You will become addicted to it.
Many factors have influenced my Karate before it evolved into a lifestyle. In the following, I will give my opinion on lifestyle Karate.

What is the lifestyle in Karate?

You often hear the term “Do” in connection with Karate and other styles (Judo, Aikido, Kendo, etc.).
“Do” means way, and this is where I think the main emphasis should be placed when talking about Karate and other martial arts.
By following the way “do” over many years, where loyalty and trust in the instructor and the style of Karate that has been chosen, the opportunity for lifestyle Karate will begin to open up. Furthermore, “do” also means “the way to reach the goal”.

What is the goal in Karate?

The long-term goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the many aspects of Karate, resulting in a fusion between the physical and the mental side, so that one can develop as a whole human being.

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