My interpretation: Shuto-uke

This article is about an alternative approach to the basic block Shuto-uke.

The well-known basic use of Shuto-uke.


My interpretation: Shuto-uke

Shuto-uke can be used just like Uchi-uke or Gedan-barai, just with open hands.

    • Instead of blocking Oi-zuki as you usually would do (see picture above), try to split Shuto-uke into two parts, just like all other basic techniques shown so far.
    • I use the first part of Shuto-uke to block/control and poke the eyes with my fingertips.
    • Now perform the second step of Shuto-uke. Right-hand controls the opponent’s arm, while attacking with my left Shuto-uchi against the throat.

Shuto-uke compilation

I would like to hear your comments and your interpretation of Shuto-uke.

Thanks for reading.

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