My interpretation: Gedan-barai

This article is about an alternative approach to the basic block Gedan-barai.

The well-known basic use of Gedan-barai.

Everybody knows that one, so no further comments unless you have some!


My interpretation: Gedan-barai

Again I split the basic technique into two parts.

    • The first two pictures; I use the first part of Gedan-barai to block/control on the inside of my opponent’s arm. At the same time, I attack the lower parts of the ribs.
      Now perform the second part of Gedan-barai. Right-hand takes over the opponent’s left arm (controlling it), while I attack with left Tettsui-uchi.
    • The last two pictures show Gedan-barai as a take-down.

Gedan-barai compilation

I would like to hear your comments on the interpretation of Gedan-barai.

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